Focus groups are in many types

Internet has taken the world under their control in many aspects and marketing world, but it plays a vital role in these days. Through the Internet, the marketing people get feedback information on their products and services. An online focus group is the group of people who give honest feedback about the research . A focus group is a qualitative research, through which they are asked a number of people about opinion towards a product or service, concept or idea, advertising and packaging.

A market research through online discussion groups acts as an important tool to obtain information about new products and other subjects as well. In earlier days the focus groups is known as traditional focus groups. When people meet in person, they are screened before entering the group. Usually, they are about six to ten members of a group with a moderator and sessions last more than one to two hours. As the discussion is not structured, the moderator encourages the group to come to their own ideas and thoughts.  Readmore

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