Experts Wanted - Citrix, VM, Amazon AWS, Cloud Computing Consulting Experts

Our Consultants are experienced in Amazon AWS, Exchange, SharePoint, Citrix, VM, Cisco,... These Consultants represent our local office in the Major cities listed below, helping build the Cloud Computing Services in that area.

We are recruiting in most major cities and for all of these skills…

You may already know as NYCCitrix.com, NewYorkVMware.com, ChicagoCitrix.com, ChicagoVMware.com, LosAngelesCitrix.com, SanFranciscoCitrix.com, DallasCitrix.Com, DenverCitrix.com, PhoenixCitrix.com, AtlantaCitrix.com,...

We provided these Enterprise Consulting Services:
Cloud Computing, SaaS, and Virtualization Services
Disaster Recovery Planning Services
SAN and NAS storage Services
Server Consolidation and Monitoring Services
IT Security Services
IT Compliancy Services
Managed & Customer Support Services
Green Computing/Green it Data Center Services 


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